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Why do you seldom see advertising from JP Lumbley & Associates?

Advertising may be the lifeblood of residential sales, but it is not a very effective method in investment property sales.  Buyers seldom, if ever, buy the property they call on...that's an axiom in residential sales.  They will call on one property and maybe buy another one. It works the same in investment sales.

Advertising benefits the broker, not the seller.  Advertising builds up the broker's market presence.  More importantly, it builds up the broker's list of buyers.

There are many ways of building up a portfolio of buyers  that are much more effective than advertising.  Most professional buyers buy more than one property.  Mostly, they have bought properties in the area already, so they can be located by deed transfer records, MLS records, and records of comparable sales.  This type of marketing is more difficult for the broker, but it is more likely to lead to a deal.

When we find buyers using these more difficult methods, they are more  qualified than prospects calling on an ad.  Anyone can imitate a real estate buyer on the phone.

I'd say that 95% of all responses to investment property ads are "seminar folks" who just got out of a Carleton Sheets seminar and want to buy properties for 70 cents on the dollar and nothing down.  No offense to you beginners.  We all start somewhere, and if you're just starting out as an investor, you'll find lots of agents who want to sell you properties.  But our method only works if you're a pro and have done this before.  If you're just starting out, you won't be willing or able to move with the speed and decisiveness that you need to play in this league.  Stick with listed properties.








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How our marketing program is different

 March 4, 2004

One of our most common new-client questions is, "How is your marketing different from everybody else's?"

The income property market is a very fragmented market.  Very little MLS activity.  Few centralized listings.  In order to research and locate properties that make sense, we utilize a sophisticated, in-house computer database of all multifamily properties in the area.  This database interfaces with our marketing and analysis software in such a way that it allows us to zero in on likely prospects.

 It goes a lot further than just sending out mailings to area property owners.  For example,  we're able to concentrate on property owners who own multiple smaller properties.  You can't do this with other people's databases because you only see one property at a time.  To do more sophisticated searching, you've got to have your own database system.

Joe "wrote the book" on computer database systems, so you shouldn't be surprised to find the most sophisticated data mining operation in the area at JP Lumbley & Associates, LLC.

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