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The members section is currently under construction.  Please excuse a few dead links and blank pages here and there.

Buyer's Lament

Dallas Income Properties.com invites you to talk to us about your income property investment needs.  You know how it goes when you're trying to buy real estate.  Especially when you're FORCED to buy real estate, for example in a pending 1031 exchange.  Same tired old overshopped listings.  Nobody with any real deals or any real numbers.  Nobody able to deliver, and you're facing a 45-day deadline to purchase.

Show us you're real.  Show us you're a motivated buyer. Show us that you're looking for a makeable deal.   And we'll pull out all the stops to find you what you need, on time.

You can't afford otherwise.




Lake Cliff Area

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The Lake Cliff area is one of Oak Cliff's more recent historical districts.  When a potential client wants to know why this area is so much in demand, I usually invite them to drive into Downtown Dallas, circle the Old Red Courthouse, and return to the property.   The round-trip takes about five minutes.  During rush hour.  While the drivers on I-35 or LBJ are lucky to travel a few blocks.  By the way, living in Oak Cliff means that you are often driving counter-flow to traffic.  When you're going north, most of the other traffic is going south.

In the early decades of the 1900's,  Lake Cliff was an amusement park, with rides, a wooden motorcycle racing track,  dance pavillions, three theaters including an opera house, and a floating swimming pool.  In the background of this picture is Cliff Towers, once a top hotel in Dallas and now just waiting for a developer to come in and re-do a beautiful old building.  One of the attractions of the old hotel was its mineral springs. 



000027.JPG (124764 bytes)                             wpe1.jpg (7008 bytes)

Just behind  the street sign is Lake Cliff Park.  Note something that you don't see much of in Dallas, lots of mature trees that weren't planted just last week. 

As a side note, Oak Cliff was developed in the early 20th Century, partly because the temperatures south of the Trinity were said to be a little bit cooler than those further north.  At least, that was one of the favorite spiels of the promoters. To the right is the now-demolished entrance to the old amusement park.


000028.JPG (132894 bytes)                             000048.JPG (134341 bytes)

Public tennis courts are just a block north, in the park.  You can almost always get a court with no waiting.

 000046.JPG (155430 bytes)


000047.JPG (115293 bytes) 

000024.JPG (142732 bytes)

This home is one block from the Glenda Apartments.


.000013.JPG (111729 bytes)

This classic wood-shingled gingerbread home is less than a block from you at the corner of 5th and Blaylock.

000010.JPG (95930 bytes)

Here's the garage/studio of the gingerbread home.



                                    000014.JPG (123138 bytes)

Two houses down, across the street on Blaylock.  This home is set way back from the street.


000015.JPG (122798 bytes)

Three houses down, on Blaylock.  This is just to the left of the home pictured above.



                    000017.JPG (104821 bytes)   

These two homes on Blaylock were recently renovated.   They are about one block from the subject property.

000021.JPG (125290 bytes)

The home to the right is about two blocks from the subject property.             


   000020.JPG (100222 bytes)

Two blocks away.


        Approximately four blocks away.

                        000050.JPG (115567 bytes)                                          Photograph



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How our marketing program is different

 March 4, 2004

One of our most common new-client questions is, "How is your marketing different from everybody else's?"

The income property market is a very fragmented market.  Very little MLS activity.  Few centralized listings.  In order to research and locate properties that make sense, we utilize a sophisticated, in-house computer database of all multifamily properties in the area.  This database interfaces with our marketing and analysis software in such a way that it allows us to zero in on likely prospects.

 It goes a lot further than just sending out mailings to area property owners.  For example,  we're able to concentrate on property owners who own multiple smaller properties.  You can't do this with other people's databases because you only see one property at a time.  To do more sophisticated searching, you've got to have your own database system.

Joe "wrote the book" on computer database systems, so you shouldn't be surprised to find the most sophisticated data mining operation in the area at JP Lumbley & Associates, LLC.