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Tapping the "hidden" market in investment properties

Many of our transactions are private transactions that never see the open market.  For a seller, these types of transactions are very attractive, because many of the problems that arise in a transaction actually arise because news of the deal gets out "on the street".  Tenants and managers may find out about a prospective sale and become uneasy.  Phantom "buyers" often appear out of the woodwork, most often when a deal gets close to closing.

For these and many other reasons, we don't act like residential brokers.  Think about it for a minute.  If you have found an investment property on your own and you're talking directly to the seller, do you then go out and put an ad in the newspaper or the internet saying that you are trying to buy the property?  Of course not.

In traditional residential brokerage that's exactly how you work.  The broker recommends a price to the seller, lists the property, puts it on MLS, and waits for the buyer to show up.

In larger investment property deals, the seller usually doesn't need (or believe) the broker's opinion of value.  He doesn't want the property shopped on the market, and he usually knows exactly what his bottom line price is.  The "big boy rule" applies.  The broker's job is to match the buyers and sellers and then coordinate all the details that make the deal happen.

If you're looking only at listed properties, you're missing out on 75% of the good deals.





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We are agents for income properties, investment property, commercial real estate, development land and historic properties in Texas.  We specialize in Dallas and D/FW area investment property, but we broker commercial and investment real estate transactions all over Texas.  We work extensively with smaller multi-family and apartment investments in the 8-150 unit range.

We also work with multi-family, retail, and office development land, with special interest in land in the Central Expressway/Highway 75 corridor.

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How our marketing program is different

 March 4, 2004

One of our most common new-client questions is, "How is your marketing different from everybody else's?"

The income property market is a very fragmented market.  Very little MLS activity.  Few centralized listings.  In order to research and locate properties that make sense, we utilize a sophisticated, in-house computer database of all multifamily properties in the area.  This database interfaces with our marketing and analysis software in such a way that it allows us to zero in on likely prospects.

 It goes a lot further than just sending out mailings to area property owners.  For example,  we're able to concentrate on property owners who own multiple smaller properties.  You can't do this with other people's databases because you only see one property at a time.  To do more sophisticated searching, you've got to have your own database system.

Joe "wrote the book" on computer database systems, so you shouldn't be surprised to find the most sophisticated data mining operation in the area at JP Lumbley & Associates, LLC.